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Welcome to Wooop In our mobile shopping app, you will find a selection of diverse food products, home and household goods, cosmetics, children’s goods, goods for your pet and more. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between users and the administrator of the application in connection with the sale and delivery of goods through the application. By accessing, viewing and using the Application Services, You agree to these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. In the event of disagreement with the Terms and Conditions, please discontinue use of the Application and Services.

I. Definitions
“General Terms and Conditions”, “TOS” – the conditions governing the relations between the Users, on the one hand, and the Administrator, on the other
another, in connection with access to the Application, viewing and use of the Services provided.
“Application” – a software application for shopping and delivery with the URL, intended for a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with an Android or iOS system.
“Administrator”, “We” – the company that manages and maintains the Application: “Dark Store Retail” OOD, a company entered in the Commercial Register at the Registration Agency, with EIK 206661633, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, p .k. 1700, Studentski district, “Prof. Alexander Fol” 2, entrance. H, fl. 5.
“User”, “You” – a person who accesses the Application and/or uses the Services provided. “User Profile” is the set of data related to a registered User who uses the Services of
The application.
“Services” – all services, resources and functionalities provided by the Administrator through the Application and available to Users.
“Products” – the goods and products (food, cosmetics and others) offered through the Application.

II. Acceptance, validity and effect of the General Terms and Conditions
1. By accessing, viewing, registering and using the Services and resources of the Application, Users confirm that they are familiar with the TOS and accept unconditionally to be bound by them. Registration in the Application requires the User’s prior agreement with the General Terms and Conditions, the Personal Data Privacy Policy, as well as other written rules of the Administrator published in the Application.
2. These GTC constitute a legally binding agreement for Users and the Administrator. Their relationship is governed by these TOU, the Personal Data Privacy Policy, as well as the other written terms and conditions of the Administrator published in the Appendix, which are an integral part of these TOU.
3. These GTC apply equally to registered and unregistered Users. OU does not consider or regulate any issues arising from or related to the provision of links to other sites, advertisements, services, products and software of third parties, insofar as the latter are not provided and controlled by the Administrator.
4. The administrator determines the content of these TOS and reserves the right to make changes at any time. Changes are announced by publishing the updated GTC in the Application with the date of the last update, as well as by communicating with Users in cases where this is required by law. Any change takes effect from the moment it is announced. In case of disagreement with the new version of the TOU, the User should not use the Application and the Services after the new version comes into force. If the User continues to use the Application and the Services after an update, it will be deemed that the User agrees to the latest published version of the TOU.
5. The Administrator takes due care to present complete and accurate information in the Application. There may be incompleteness or inaccuracies in some descriptions due to human or technical error.
6. In case you have any doubts about the quality of the Services, the Products or the reliability of the Application, you should not use the Services or any part of the Application. In all other cases, despite this doubt, you continue to use the Services or the resources of the Application, the responsibility for this decision is entirely yours.

III. Services
7. The application provides Users with the ability to send online orders for the purchase and delivery of
Products through the Wooop App.
8. The application offers Users a wide selection of food products, cosmetics, children’s goods, pet products and others. The Administrator reserves the right, at its discretion, to expand the catalog of offered Products or to discontinue the sale of certain Products.
9. The application contains offers regarding the offered Products. They can be separated and sorted by different categories and indicators according to the User’s desire and in order to find them more easily in the Application.
10. We make every effort to display the colors and images of our products in the Application catalog as accurately as possible, but we do not guarantee that these images are completely identical to the colors and appearance of the products. Additional detailed information about the Products is given in the description and specification for each Product (price, parameters, advantages, composition, method of use, etc.). All descriptions and/or prices of the Products are subject to change at any time, without notice, at the discretion of the Administrator.
11. The User is responsible for his choice of each Product, as well as for the compliance of the selected Product with his expectations for the Product. The Administrator provides and the Users use the Services as announced according to the conditions and parameters specified in the Application. The services and resources of the Application are used at the will of the Users, at their own risk and responsibility.
12. Order. Conclusion of a contract for distance selling
12.1. To place an order for a Product through the Application, the User must follow the procedure for making an online purchase in the Application by clicking the “Add to Cart” button next to the image of the selected Product, following the instructions in the Application to complete an order. The user can increase or decrease the quantity of the selected Product/s using the corresponding buttons in the order form.
12.2. Before placing an order, the User has the opportunity to view the contents of the basket with the selected Products, review the final total value of his order and make changes to the type or number of Products. The User cannot cancel his order after it has been accepted by the Administrator and handed over to the courier.
12.3. After the review, the User takes the next steps by providing a contact phone number and delivery address, or can allow geolocation instead of entering an address. The User pays the value of the completed order of Product/s from the Application in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions of item 13 below.
12.4. The order is complete after successful payment. The completed order is sent to the Administrator. The application allows the User to monitor the status of the order. The User receives a message in the Application that the order has been accepted: “The order has been received and is being processed.” After receiving the confirmation message from the Administrator, the order is considered complete and the remote purchase and sale contract comes into force.
12.5. In the event that one or more Products are unavailable for delivery, the Administrator reserves the right to provide information on substitute Products of equal or greater quality and value that may be ordered. In the event that the user does not wish to receive a replacement Product(s) or when such(a) are not available, the amount paid by him/her will be refunded under the terms of item 22 of these GTC. The User has the option to either receive a voucher for the value of the unavailable Product/s from the Administrator in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions of item 22.7. below, or to be refunded the amount paid for the undelivered order.
13. Prices. Payment
13.1. The prices of the Products are in Bulgarian leva (BGN), including all taxes and fees. The administrator reserves the right to change prices at its discretion without prior notice. The prices of the Products are valid until the date specified in the Appendix (if such is specified) or until their subsequent change by the Administrator.
13.2. The amount owed by the User for each order, including all costs related to the purchase and delivery, is indicated before confirming the order.
13.3. The user pays the value of the order by credit/debit card. The administrator reserves the right to provide another payment method specified in the Appendix.
13.4. Payment by credit/debit card is made through the corresponding Stripe payment system. When paying, the terms of this payment system apply. The user should familiarize himself with these conditions, including the presence of additional fees indicated on the website of the system or in its other written terms and conditions. The administrator reserves the right to specify other payment methods and payment systems.
13.5. If the payment is not authorized, Need the user receives a message from the Administrator that the order was unsuccessful. The administrator is not responsible for the consequences of unauthorized payment.
14. Delivery
14.1. Delivery of Products ordered through the Wooop App is free. The administrator reserves the right to
at its discretion to change the terms of delivery of the Product/s ordered through the Application.
14.2. The user has the following options for choosing the delivery of the ordered Product/s: a) Delivery to the door (if the correct address is specified); b) Delivery to a specific building; c) Delivery, where the User receives the order himself at the place (location) specified by him.
14.3. When the courier arrives at the specified delivery location, the User receives a message. In the event that the User does not appear within the waiting time (2-3 minutes), the courier again notifies the User about the arrived order. If the User does not appear again to accept the order, the courier returns the order and the User receives a notification about the returned order.
14.4. When the User contacts the Administrator by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in connection with a returned order, the Administrator’s courier may make an additional delivery of the returned order. A delivery fee is due for redelivery of undelivered goods.
14.5. In case of systematic failure to receive orders by the User, the Administrator reserves the right to limit the User’s access to the Application Services.
14.6. Delivery time varies depending on conditions, workload and the respective delivery area. The administrator makes every reasonable effort to deliver within a short period of time within the day of the relevant order. However, the delivery time may be extended in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Administrator.
14.7. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the order will be considered delivered as soon as the User or a person authorized by him receives the ordered Products.
14.8. In the event that within one order the User has selected several Products, each of the Products may be delivered to the User at a different time.
14.5. The administrator reserves the right to introduce delivery prices depending on changes in economic or other conditions related to the Service. In these cases, the cost of delivery will be indicated to the User in the Application before finalizing an order.
IV. Access and registration. User profile
15. To access and use the Application, Users should download the Application to their device (phone,
tablet and others with Android or iOS system).
16. To use the Services, the User registers in the Application and creates his User Profile with a phone number and a physical delivery address. The User confirms the specified phone number to create a User Profile with an SMS code. The User can save the specified physical address in the Application for future orders. Upon registration, the User accepts these General Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button “I agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.”
17. The user is responsible for the accuracy, up-to-dateness and truthfulness of the specified data. The User is solely responsible for all actions and/or inactions related to the use of his user profile in the Application.
19. The Administrator may delete any profile, as well as any other information that a User has provided through the Application, at any time, without warning due to violations of these TOU or provisions of applicable law. The Administrator shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting from the removal of User Content from the Application and/or Services.
20. The User may request the Administrator to delete his User Profile at any time. The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently limit or block access to the Application and/or Services of all Users for good reason.

V. Rights and Obligations
21. Rights and obligations of the User 21.1. The user undertakes:
a) To use the Services and resources offered in the Application lawfully, according to their purpose and in accordance with these TOS and to provide true information about himself, not to impersonate another person, not to create user profiles by automated means or otherwise not attempt to mislead others about your identity when communicating through the Application. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Administrator of any unauthorized use of his account;
b) To access the Services and resources of the Application through the technologies and means provided by the Administrator, implemented through their usual functionality in the Application;
c) Not to use, reproduce, copy and distribute, in whole or in separate parts, the Application and/or the content published in it for any purposes (commercial or non-commercial) other than those expressly stated in the TOU;
d) To be informed about changes in the Application, Services and other resources according to the information published in the Application about these changes;
e) To pay the price of the Products of each confirmed order according to the payment method under item 13 of these GTC; e) Not to violate intellectual property rights of the Administrator and third parties.
21.2. The user has the right:
a) To lawfully use the Application and all Services for the purposes and within the limits of these TOS;
b) To create his User Profile, in accordance with the requirements of the current TOU, as well as to make subsequent changes to it;
c) To terminate at any time, at his discretion and desire, the use of the Services and the Application and to request the deletion of his profile;
d) Check the content of each order for compliance with the request, as well as inspect the goods for visible defects;
e) To file a complaint in case of non-compliance of the received Products with the distance sales contract under the conditions of item 22 of the present GTC;
f) To return the purchased Product/s and choose to receive a voucher and discount on subsequent orders or a refund of the amount paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of item 23 below.
22. Right of cancellation and return
22.1. The User has the right to return a purchased Product, with the exception of those specified in item 22.2., without owing compensation or a penalty and without stating a reason, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Product. A mandatory condition for exercising the right to cancel the distance sales contract is the prior notification to the Administrator of the removed User within the specified period. on a user-friendly communication channel/network (e.g. Viber and Whatsapp). The Administrator sends the User a confirmation of receipt of the return request.
22.2. Not subject to return Products for which the conditions of art. 57 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), including but not limited to:
1) goods which, due to their nature, may deteriorate in quality or have a short shelf life;
2) sealed goods that are unsealed after their delivery and cannot be returned due to reasons,
relating to hygiene or health protection;
3) goods which, after being delivered and due to their nature, have mixed with other goods from which they cannot be separated.
22.3. The period for exercising the right to return purchased Products expires after 14 days from the day the User received the Products. In the case of multiple Products in one order, delivered separately, the term expires after 14 days from the day on which the last Product of one order is received.
22.4. A user who has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract at a distance must send or hand over the Products back to the trader or a person authorized by him without undue delay and no later than a 14-day period from the date of receipt of the Product. The deadline is deemed to have been met if the User sends or hands over the Products back to the trader before the expiry of the 14-day period.
22.5. The user pays the direct costs for the return of the Products according to Art. 55, para. 2 of the PPE.
22.6. Returned goods must meet the following conditions:
(a) Be in their original packaging and their commercial appearance has not been disturbed (torn packaging, removed labels, missing parts, etc.);
(b) Not used;
(c) To be accompanied by all documents accompanying the delivery and the Products, including but not limited to a receipt or invoice, instructions for use and others.
22.7. In the case of exercising the right to refuse and return the Product/s, the Administrator shall refund the amount paid to the User under the conditions and according to the order of this point. The payment operator’s fee is a direct cost of returning Products and is for account of the User. The User has the alternative option, at his express choice, instead of a refund of the amount paid, to receive a voucher from the Administrator with a monetary value equal to the value of the returned Product/s, plus an additional 10% discount to use on a subsequent order/s via The app.
22.8. The User agrees that the Administrator shall reimburse him the value of the rejected Products, starting from the date on which he was notified of the User’s decision to withdraw from the contract using the same means of payment used by the User in the initial transaction, unless the User has expressed his express consent for using another means of payment and provided that this does not involve costs for the User.
23. Complaints
23.1. The User has the right to make a complaint about a Product purchased through the Application, regardless of whether
the manufacturer or seller has provided a commercial warranty for it.
23.2. Products should be inspected by the User upon receipt. Insignificant differences in color, size and appearance compared to the Product photo in the Application are not considered defects. Acceptance of a Product upon delivery means that it has been inspected by the User and accepted without objection for defects and for its condition.
23.3. Claims for purchased Products will be considered justified in the following cases:
(a) When the Products are defective, expired or have an impaired commercial appearance;
(b) When the Product delivered is different from the one ordered.
The Administrator undertakes to replace the defective Product with a non-defective one. In the event that a replacement is not possible, the Administrator informs the User about this within a reasonable time and refunds the amount paid in accordance with item 22.7. and 22.8. above or at the express request of the User provides him with a voucher under the terms of item 22.7.
23.4. Claims are not accepted for Products that have been used for something other than their normal purpose, or have been used or transported in an inappropriate manner, or have been repaired by the User or a third party, or which have been damaged as a result of the User’s negligence or failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, guidelines and advice for using the Products.
23.5. The User has the right to file a claim on a purchased Product, when it does not comply with the distance sales contract, to the trader or a person authorized by him. When submitting a complaint, the User can claim to bring the Product into compliance with the contract, to reduce the price or to cancel the contract and refund the amount paid.
23.6. The Administrator may refuse to bring the Product into compliance if repair and replacement are impossible or if it would result in disproportionate costs to the Administrator, taking into account all the circumstances of the particular case.
23.7. The User can make a complaint about a purchased Product by clicking on the “Contact Us” button, from where he chooses a convenient communication channel (for example, Viber, WhatsApp or by email).
23.8. When submitting a complaint, the User indicates the subject of the complaint, his preferred method of satisfying the complaint, the amount of the claimed amount, contact address and sends a photo of the Product for which he is complaining. The user must also attach the documents on which the claim is based: 1. receipt, invoice or document certifying the payment; 2. protocols, acts or other documents establishing the non-conformity of the goods, or 3. other documents establishing the claim by basis and amount.
23.9. The consumer has the right to file a claim for consumer goods within two years from the delivery of the goods. This rule does not apply to expired or perishable Products.
24. Trade guarantee
Products for which the law provides a commercial guarantee from the manufacturer have a commercial guarantee within the statutory guarantee period. The Administrator undertakes to replace any advertised defective Product with another Product at its own expense. In the event that he fails to replace the Product or bring the Product into compliance with the distance sales contract, the Administrator undertakes to notify the User of this within a reasonable time and refund the amount paid via bank transfer.
25. Rights and responsibility of the Administrator
25.1. The administrator has the right to:
a) At any time, at its discretion, to make changes to the Services and the Application in connection with the maintenance, development and/or improvement of the quality of the Services provided by it, as well as to expand the scope of the Services, without written notification to the Users and without is responsible for it;
b) To block a User’s access to the Application in violation of these TOS, the Privacy Policy and other written conditions that are an integral part of the TOS, including, but not alone o when committing, attempting or in the event of a real danger of being committed by the User or by persons using his profile, illegal actions or actions that threaten the security and functioning of the Services and/or the Application, or the legitimate interests of the Users, the Administrator or its partners, contractors and other related parties are affected, or for the protection of another significant public interest;
c) Temporarily limit or suspend the provision of the Services in order to improve the quality of the Services, when performing preventive measures, when removing damages, updating the information and other related activities;
d) To seek, by all means permitted by law, protection and compensation for committed or suspected violations of the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and other written terms that are an integral part of these TOS;
e) At any time, at its discretion, to update or make changes in the prices of the Products offered in the Application, without prior notification to the Users of these changes and is not responsible for the knowledge of the changes by the Users.
25.2. The administrator undertakes:
a) To deliver the purchased Products to the User according to the order made through the Application;
b) To provide a voucher to the User in accordance with item 22 of these GTC or to refund in full the value of a Product purchased and returned by the User within a period of up to 14 calendar days, starting from the date on which the User has notified the Administrator of his refusal to conclude distance contract.
25.3. The administrator is not responsible for:
a) The quality, reliability, accuracy and performance of the related services provided by other persons and organizations in connection with the functioning of the Internet, social networks, hosting and other services, in the event of traffic disruptions due to reasons for which the Internet provider or the persons providing the related other services available through the Application;
b) The quality of the Services when using faulty technical means, devices and/or incorrectly configured software by the User or for any direct, indirect, specific, incidental or other damages related to the use of software programs installed on the computer /the User’s electronic device;
c) Damages that are caused by inaccurate, unreliable, misleading and misleading information and/or data published by advertisers or other information sources in the Application;
d) Losses of the User from lost profits;
e) The Administrator does not exercise control and is not responsible for the quality of the services of third parties and parties in connection with the sale, payments and deliveries of Products ordered through the Application, nor does it guarantee the User’s satisfaction with the selected Products;
f) The Administrator shall not be liable for delays in delivery due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Delivery times are indicative, depend on stock in the Administrator’s warehouses and may be extended if necessary.

VI. protection of personal data
26. By accessing the Application, the User accepts that his personal data may be collected, processed and stored by the Administrator for the purpose of correct, trouble-free and full use of the Application and Services in accordance with the TOS and the privacy and cookies policy published in the Application, which is inseparable part of OU and is available here.
27. The Administrator processes personal data of Users in his capacity as a Personal Data Administrator within the meaning of § 1, Item 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).
28. The administrator is not responsible for the provided contact information and other data that is incorrect, fake or refers to third parties.
29. The provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation) apply to the processing of personal data.

VII. Intellectual Property
30. The interface, content and layout of the Application, including, but not limited to, the Administrator’s trademark and logo, design, text, graphics, images, buttons, user interface, databases and software, as well as any combination of the above objects of intellectual property property, are the property of the Administrator or are licensed by their right holders and are protected by Bulgarian or other applicable international copyright and other intellectual property rights. The reproduction of any element subject to intellectual property of the Services and the Application may only be carried out with the written consent of the Administrator. The use of the Services and the Application does not grant the Users any rights to the objects of intellectual property in their entirety, nor to any part thereof.
31. The Administrator has the right to use content published by Users for the purposes expressly mentioned in these TOS, including but not limited to advertising, improving the content of the Application, newsletters, notifications and other lawful purposes in connection with the use of the Application Services.

VIII. Supervision. Alternative Dispute Resolution
32. The supervisory authority for the protection of consumer rights in Bulgaria is the Consumer Protection Commission (CCP) with the address:
1000 Sofia, Slaveykov Square No. 4A, floors 3, 4 and 6; telephone for the user: 0700 111 22, website:
33. In the event of a dispute regarding obligations in connection with the use of the Application and the Services, the relevant User may refer the dispute to the bodies for alternative resolution of consumer disputes (ADR) under the conditions and in accordance with Art. 181a et seq. of the Civil Code. Additional information on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes can be found on the KZP website at and on the online dispute resolution platform ORS.

X. Governing Law
34. The provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply to matters not settled by the current OU. Disputes in connection with the use of the Application and the Services, which cannot be resolved through negotiations by mutual agreement or through an ADR authority, will be referred for consideration and resolution by the competent Bulgarian court.

Thank you for reading the General Terms of Use of the Application!
Effective: 01.06.2022
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